Ash Dump & Clean-Out Door

The chimney system in your home is an eye-catching design piece that adds elegance and uniqueness to your roofline. But, it is first and foremost a utilitarian appliance. It was built to serve a purpose, and, when regularly maintained, do so for the lifetime of your home. Every part of the system needs to be cared for to maximize its lifespan including often-overlooked parts like the ash dump and clean-out door.

The ash dump, usually about the size of a brick, is located in the bottom of your fireplace. Occupying a position within the firebox puts tremendous stress on the dump door. Each time a fire is lit the door is exposed to heat and corrosion caused by acidic byproducts from the flame and gas. If an ash dump is not constructed of the proper materials it can become damaged to the point it no longer operates correctly. McSweepy’s carries the finest quality ash dump doors made from stainless steel or powder-coated paint. These doors will take the beating your fire dishes out, and still look great year after year.

The chimney clean-out door is the access hatch from the exterior to the interior of your chimney. It gives homeowners and sweeps entry into the structure to remove buildup and debris, or to get the best possible views during chimney inspections. The door opens to the elements which can be a problem, and if the door doesn’t fit properly it can even affect the draft of the chimney. Sparks might even escape through the cracks igniting material around the home. This is an unacceptable risk, and should be taken care of immediately.

A door that becomes inoperable due to rust, corrosion, is broken, no longer properly fits, or is even missing from the chimney entirely can be easily handled by the professionals at McSweepy’s. We carry a full line of clean-out doors, and have the expertise you need to repair, resize, or install the perfect clean-out door today!

If you are experiencing issues with the ash dump or clean-out door in your chimney system give the experts at McSweepy’s a call today. We will walk you through the options, and recommend the best solution for your particular need. We are a family company based in Crosby, Texas, so our customers, like you, are our neighbors. We’ll be here for you for years to come!

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