Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are an integral part of the integrity of your chimney system. They are primarily a way to minimize the amount of moisture that enters the chimney from outside, and moisture, as every chimney sweep knows, is the biggest enemy of a chimney. As a bonus, chimney caps also prevent anything else, including debris, pests, and nesting materials, from building up inside your chimney.

Anything that builds up in a chimney is a danger since it will force the hot gases from the fireplace back down, or, in a worst-case scenario, catch fire inside the chimney and spread to your home. Chimney caps are truly the most cost-effective way to keep the dangers of debris and pests from causing problems inside your chimney. So, contact McSweepy’s today to discuss the different chimney cap options available to protect your home and family from what may be lurking inside your chimney.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should cap your chimney:

  • Chimney caps protect your chimney from moisture deterioration.
  • Protects metallic chimney components from rust and corrosion.
  • Prevents animals – possums, raccoons, birds, etc. – from entering the structure to nest.
  • Prevents foreign objects – twigs, trash, leaves – from becoming lodged inside structure.
  • Traps sparks produced by fire inside chimney.
  • Prolongs chimney and chimney liner lifespan.

McSweepy’s has a full range of chimney cap options, from copper to stainless steel, available for you to choose from. We will professionally install the cap of your choice, and are happy to offer free estimates for this service. Please call us today to see what a chimney cap from McSweepy’s can do to extend the lifetime of your chimney!

Here are some of the chimney cap categories we carry:

Custom Multi-Flue Caps

If you have a multi-flue chimney and can’t find a cap to fit anywhere then McSweepy’s is the place to call. We can have a custom cap made for you that will fit your chimney like a glove. We offer caps that mount directly to the crown or to the side of the chimney, and, depending on the specific design of the cap, can oftentimes include a chase cover too!

Single Flue Chimney Caps

Our single flue chimney cap is installed directly to the clay tile liner within your flue. It will sit right on top of the chimney, and uses pressure screws to hold on tight. If no clay liner is present, gripper legs are positioned within the flue to fasten the cap to your chimney. We offer several varieties made from different materials and in a selection of colors.

Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

Many chimneys have multiple, odd-sized flues. McSweepy’s carries multi-flue chimney caps that have you covered. These caps mount to the chimney crown, and are professionally sized to securely fit your specific chimney. We have several options for mounting, and there are different sizes and styles to choose from.

Caps for Metal Chimney Designs

McSweepy’s carries chimney caps for metal chimneys. Whether your metal chimney is air-cooled or solid pack, we have the right cap for you. Our chimney caps are made from stainless steel, so you’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion marring the beauty and function of your chimney again!

Wind-Resistant Chimney Caps

Chimney owners know all about downdrafts and backpuffing, and they’ll tell you neither of these wind-related occurrences are events to celebrate. Thankfully, McSweepy’s has a solution to this irritating problem. Our VacuStack chimney caps will take the bite out of any wind, and are available today. Call McSweepy’s right away, and we’ll have you out of the wind in no time!

Chimney Cap Accessories

McSweepy’s has a wide range of chimney caps and chimney cap accessories. So, if you need a mesh screen or special mounting brackets, or just about anything else call us today!

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