Chimney Covers

Chimney covers are an important part of both the form and the function of your chimney. They are used at the top of your chimney to keep out rain, snow, animals, and anything else that finds its way to the top of your home. The chimney cover is designed to cover the entirety of your chimney top, and is frequently used to cover chimney chase surrounds. Think of the chimney cover as the lid, and your chimney as the shoebox. The cover fits snugly around the outside.

McSweepy’s offers a full range of chimney covers in stainless steel and copper. We can also design and fabricate a custom cover to fit almost any size you need. Custom covers will require special pricing and fabrication time, so the whole process, from order to installation, will take longer than using a stock cover from our selection.

McSweepy’s carries a full line of stainless steel and copper covers. We do not carry or install galvanized covers. Galvanized covers don’t stand up to the weather, and will begin to rust out very quickly. This means another repair every few years, so why not simply go with the best and save yourself the time and frustration. A stainless steel or copper chimney cover from McSweepy’s with welded seams is the only way to go. Call us today for a no hassle quote, and see what a chimney cover can do to protect your home from the outside world.

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