Chimney Fans

Nothing is more annoying, or causes more discomfort and frustration, than a smoking fireplace or wood stove. There is also the hazard of carbon monoxide to worry about. Luckily, a solution exists for just this irritation – the chimney fan – and McSweepy’s has a variety in stock!

Our chimney fans are designed to create a negative air pressure at the top of the chimney drawing all the air, including the smoke and fumes, up toward the fan where they can be safely vented outside the structure. Smoke has no time to build up inside the flue, so the danger of a backdraft pouring smoke into your home is averted. And they do all this using the same power as a common light bulb!

We have a variety of sizes and styles available at great prices, and our installation is quick and easy. Below are the 4 easy steps a McSweepy’s certified technician uses to install a fan on your chimney:

  1. Lay a Fiber Mat – A fiber mat is installed at the crown of the chimney. This fiber mat is coated with aluminum on one side, and serves as the seating for the chimney fan.
  2. Attach Mounting Brackets – Mounting brackets are attached to the fan after ensuring that, once seated in the flue, they will not come in contact with the inside of the flue wall. If the chimney is masonry, and the owner wishes it attached directly to the brick, bolts and wall plugs are used to ensure secure installation.
  3. Fan Mounting – The fan is carefully mounted with a safety wire attached by the bolt and wall plug. The safety wire is tightened to securely anchor the fan, and a junction box is fit to the outside wall of the chimney stack. Cable is run to electrical supply and speed control.
  4. Control Box Installation – The control box for chimney fan is installed inside home near fireplace. Power is turned on and unit tested. Owner thoroughly briefed on unit instructions and best practices.

It’s quick, easy, and can save you from the nightmare of a smoking fireplace, so why not install a chimney fan from McSweepy’s today? Contact us for complete pricing and availability, and get back to trusting the fireplace you love!

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