Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections, especially when performed by the qualified technicians at McSweepy’s, are the most important way a homeowner can safeguard their investment from possible fire hazards associated with their chimney system. In exactly the same way your doctor checks your overall health during a checkup, McSweepy’s certified professionals will diagnose any issues your chimney is experiencing, completely explain the findings, and recommend the service that will best address the problems.

There are three levels of chimney inspections, as standardized by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), that can be performed on your chimney system. Typically, only level 1 and level 2 inspections are necessary. A level 3 inspection requires the removal of portions of the chimney or home in order to access areas where major damage is expected to be found. These inspections are usually only done after catastrophes like chimney fires.

A level 1 chimney inspection involves the general visual examination, using a flashlight where necessary, of the entirety of the chimney system. No special tools or gear is required, and the time needed to complete such an inspection is minimal. We’re looking for damage, creosote buildup, and obstructions that are plainly evident. If a professional cleaning is needed the technician will explain what is recommended and perform the necessary tasks at once.

Level 2 chimney inspections are quite a bit more thorough than a level 1. All of the same steps as a level 1 are taken, and the technician will also inspect the roof, attic, crawl space, and any other relevant areas of the home. The inspection will include a thorough cleaning, and a brief report to the customer on the condition of the chimney before and after the repair.

If you have waited longer than 12 months, or if you’ve noticed something odd about your chimney system, contact the professional inspection team at McSweepy’s. One of our certified, highly-trained technicians will arrive on-time, on mission, and ready to serve. We take great pride in being able to help protect your family from the dangers of a neglected chimney!

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