Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people probably never even think about the maintenance of their dryer past the obligatory cleaning of the lint trap. You are serious about keeping that little trap clean, so why should you have any kind of dryer issue? Well, believe it or not, lint makes its way past that handy little trap on occasion, and when it does it ends up coating the interior of your dryer hose, vent duct, and even the drum casing. This accumulation, over time, can become a real threat to you and your family’s safety. In one year alone, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, dryer-caused fires were responsible for almost 17,000 fires resulting in nearly $100 million in damages and 30 deaths. At McSweepy’s, we believe that is 30 too many. Contact the qualified specialists at McSweepy’s today to protect your family and your home!

The two most common issues with dryer vents, lint and animal nests, accumulate until they restrict the airflow from the dryer to the outside. This restriction backs exhaust gases up until they create a fire hazard. You know you have an accumulation issue when you begin to notice longer drying times, the surface of the dryer becoming hot to the touch, and clothes that are still damp after a regular runtime. The dryer just can’t remove the moist air because of the blockage in the system. This forces the dryer to work harder, longer greatly reducing, by up to 50%, its operational lifetime. Inspection and cleaning by the qualified specialists at McSweepy’s means shorter loads, lower utility bills, longer dryer life, and a safer home!

Keep your dryer working at peak performance and your home safe with professional dryer vent cleaning from McSweepy’s! Lint can build up fast creating a safety hazard for your family. Never take chances with your safety. If you smell something burning while running your dryer shut it off immediately. Call McSweepy’s to inspect your dryer vent right away. Our service technician will arrive, on-time, with the knowledge and equipment to remedy your issue.

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