Fireplace & Chimney Repair and Restoration

There are times when calling a chimney sweep just isn’t enough. Sometimes your fireplace and chimney are so worn down by weathering and moisture that repairs, or even restoration, are in order. This is the biggest reason, outside of preventing house fires, to have McSweepy’s perform an annual chimney inspection and cleaning. Without that regular maintenance, homeowners are opening themselves up to costly repairs down the line.

Luckily, McSweepy’s has professional technicians, with the certifications and expertise you need, ready to assist you with repairs. Many times, a chimney can be repaired with only minor work being done. Spot tuckpointing, sealing, and minor brick replacement are usually involved, and the repairs are finished quickly; usually within a day.

The benefits of annual inspections and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney far outweigh the negatives you may associate with the process. It’s the responsible thing to do for the safety of your home and family, and will save you from the major expenses and losses associated with neglecting a dangerous part of your homes internal systems. Water damage and flaking bricks should be addressed as soon as they are discovered to ensure you don’t have a serious mess on your hands in a few years.

McSweepy’s has the right people with the right solutions for your fireplace and chimney. Our service technicians are fully qualified to handle any issue they uncover, and will do so in a prompt and professional manner. It’s important to note that brick masons are not qualified to perform fireplace and chimney repairs without special training and knowledge of the specific codes and ordinances that regulate chimney systems, so don’t be fooled by advertisements promising things that seem too good to be true. They probably are.

If our service pros find damage that is too extensive for minor repairs then it may be necessary to restore your fireplace or chimney by undertaking a rebuild. Weather can cause the mortar holding the bricks in your fireplace or chimney to crack and erode. As soon as this has happened, water will begin to seep into the interior structure. Before long the entire masonry structure is saturated, and now poses a real danger to the safety of your home.

McSweepy’s offers our customers uniquely-crafted solutions for their fireplace and chimney problems. Whether your chimney requires a full or partial rebuild, we have the tools and the treatment to solve the problem. Our rebuilding process usually includes the following steps:

  • Setting up all necessary equipment
  • Removing all waste created by construction
  • Rebuilding chimney to customer’s exact specifications (including color/type matching bricks)
  • Guaranteeing chimney meets all applicable building codes

So, if your issue can be fixed by making repairs here and there we will gladly do it, and if we have to completely reconstruct your chimney brick-by-brick we will do that too. Your satisfaction is our only priority!

Flue Repair

The internal piece of your chimney that carries exhaust from the fireplace to the outside is known as the flue. Flues can become damaged or even blocked over time and through regular use. This is where creosote buildup occurs, so most house fires related to chimneys begin there. McSweepy’s will clean, repair, or replace your flue to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of potential fires.

Firebox Repointing and Rebuilding

The firebox is the real heart of the fireplace. It is the brick area where the actual fire is built. Made of brick and mortar, fireboxes are constructed to be sturdy and long-lasting. But, over time the mortar may begin to crack, and need to be repaired by a process called repointing. This will keep your firebox in good condition, and prevent excessive heat from starting a fire. Contact McSweepy’s today if you think your firebox needs some help, and we will have you back up to code compliance with our fast and friendly service!

Crown and Cap Repair

The top of your chimney is not something you probably think of as important, and you more than likely have not looked at it closely more than a few times. Yet, the crown and cap of your chimney are exposed to the elements at all times. A properly constructed crown, along with a stainless steel chimney cap, can prevent animal intrusions and damaging water penetration. We carry stainless steel chimney caps that are available in copper and black.

Damper Repair

A damper is what closes the flue to your fireplace when you are not using it. It keeps the air conditioning inside during the warm days of summer, and the heat from escaping in the cold days of winter. McSweepy’s can repair or replace old dampers, and save you money on your heating and cooling costs!

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