Fireplace Cleaning

The amount of time and effort we put into keeping our homes neat and tidy is astounding. It seems at times as if all we ever do is clean and clean, but a week later it’s time to do it all again. Now, think about the dirtiest place in your home. No, not the bathroom; your fireplace. Who wants to clean that? After everything else tackling the hearth just seems cruel and unusual, so call the experts at McSweepy’s for the cleanest fireplace in Houston!

Our professional team will arrive promptly with all the tools they need to thoroughly clean your fireplace. We use a drop cloth to cover the area surrounding the hearth to protect the interior of your home from stray ash or dust. Lights are then set up to illuminate the workspace properly. This allows us to see into areas that are obscured and hard to reach. We lay out all the tools we need, and plug in our powerful vacuum system.

Before we can begin cleaning the fireplace, we perform a visual inspection of the fireplace and chimney. We look at the lintel, the steel bar supporting the opening of the fireplace, to ensure it is the proper height, and we check the bricks to assess their health and that of the mortar in the joints. If any mortar has crumbled, it will have to be chiseled free and replaced with a heat-resistant material. Lastly, the outside of the chimney is inspected for obstructions or weathering.

Now, our McSweepy’s cleaning team will don respirators to safeguard against breathing creosote dust while cleaning. The vacuum system is switched on and wire brushes are used to free the caked creosote and ash from the interior of the hearth. The damper is checked for correct positioning, and the ledge is cleaned to remove any buildup found there. All the while, the dust and ash is being collected by the vacuum so nothing offensive enters the home.

Once the fireplace is cleaned to our exacting specifications, our team will remove all the tools and cleaning materials from your home. They will remove the drop cloth, and vacuum up any dust and ash that escaped the preventative measures leaving you with a spotless fireplace and a beautiful home!

The national associations that regulate our industry suggest having your fireplace cleaned whenever creosote buildup reaches ¼ inch or more, so if you notice this buildup, or if you just want your hearth as clean as your home, call McSweepy’s today!

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