Fireplace Damper

Owning a fireplace is a joy on so many levels and in so many ways. Yet, starting a fire with the damper closed can be a nightmare. Smoke fills the house as your family goes running, and you’re stuck there wishing you had remembered the importance of that small flap inside your chimney.

The idea of a fireplace without a damper is just as frightening. All the money you spend on heating and cooling your home going right up your chimney and out with nothing but rising energy bills to show for it. Well, McSweepy’s can’t fix the house full of smoke, but we can help you with your heating and cooling costs by installing a fireplace damper in your flue!

A fireplace damper, much like a fireplace itself, is a relatively simple idea. It can be nothing more than a small flap inside the flue you can adjust to allow smoke to escape and air to enter the chimney. There are different models that use different mechanisms to open and close the flap, but the premise remains the same. A damper is basically a mechanical way to open up or close off your flue to the outside world. An open flue can add hundreds of dollars to your yearly heating and cooling costs!

A damper, when properly used, can do more than simply keep your energy bills low. It will keep debris and even small animals from entering your home through the chimney, keep smoke going the proper way up the chimney instead of down into your lap, and play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy fire. By simply opening or closing the damper you can control the amount of oxygen that makes it to the fire, and oxygen is just as vital to the fire as the wood it burns. Finding the sweet spot is not easy, but will pay huge dividends through the years.

So, if you think your damper is having troubles, or if your home has a fireplace without one, call McSweepy’s, and let one of our certified chimney professionals discuss the options with you. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

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