Fireplaces and chimneys are beautiful additions that bring interest and elegance to the interior and exterior of a home. They are primarily made from masonry which allows for countless color and design choices. This is fantastic for the designer, but can cause some serious issues for the homeowner later on. After all, every masonry structure will have to be repaired at some point.

Water, poor construction methods and materials, and weathering will take a heavy toll on the mortar in a masonry structure, and your chimney is especially susceptible to this due to its location at the top of your home. In Texas, we deal with some very serious weather, and these storm systems can wreak havoc on a weak, eroded chimney.

The solution to eroded mortar in the joints of your chimney is McSweepy’s tuckpointing service. Tuckpointing involves the removal of damaged mortar sections throughout your fireplace and chimney, and the application of fresh mortar that matches the original mortar color as closely as possible. The actual process follows these steps:

  • Route out old mortar to a specific depth.
  • Fill in routed grooves with new mortar.
  • Create grooves down middle of mortar.
  • Fill in grooves with mortar matching original color of chimney mortar.

Tuckpointing can be an excellent way to repair a chimney before it has become a serious financial and safety hazard. It will be necessary to have it done at some point during the lifetime of your chimney, so make sure you do it before any permanent damage is done. You’ll be safeguarded against mortar corrosion, structural instability, and moisture penetration. For the cost of the service, especially when compared to a complete chimney rebuild, you would be crazy not to call McSweepy’s for an inspection and thorough discussion concerning the need for tuckpointing your chimney or fireplace. It could even increase the overall value of your home!

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